Structure Wiring

structure-wiring1Due to the growing presence of the Internet, multiple PCs and phones in the home, security concerns, and the sophistication of home entertainment systems, residential wiring needs are rapidly changing. Today’s homebuyers want the flexibility and convenience a pre-wired home provides for distribution of all types of electronic content. Structured wiring provides the integration of data, voice, audio, and video services into a central, manageable distribution center. Superior Security Systems can install your customized home wiring with network wiring products that are specifically engineered for ease of installation.

Features and Benefits

structure-wiring2Plug and play wiring makes it easy to move TVs, phones, computers, fax machines and other electronics from room-to-room without expensive and time-consuming rewiring – plus it gives flexibility for future expansion.

With our panels, we eliminate the cost for multiple service connections. Pay for one internet connection – phone modem, DSL, ISDN, or cable – and everyone in the house can simultaneously log on at the same time.

Structured wiring creates a unified, upscale look throughout the house – no more unsightly cables.

It even increases your home resale value compared to traditionally wired homes. And our up-to-date wiring ensures compatibility with intelligent appliances and advanced wiring requirements.


– Home computer networks
– Home automation
– Music and video in every room
– Security Systems
– Multiple phone lines and phones
– High-speed Internet access
– Home theaters
– Small Office Home Office
– Cable, satellite, and antenna TV