Security Systems

houseSmart keypad displays only the info you need to know at the exact time you need it-Ultra easy & confusion free. Easy backlit display tells you what’s happening and where. One-key quick arm option.

Your security system’s eyes and ears are actually a network of detection devices subtly located throughout your house. They report activity back to your system’s central computer “brain” and your keypads, identifying themselves by zone (number and /or name). To ensure comprehensive detection in your premises, we can use any combination of hardwired or wireless detectors. Now, all areas of your home can be protected-even lofts, vaulted skylights, marble areas and specialty windows and doors.

keyfob4-Button operation: 2 for On/Off of security system and 2 programmable for Aux. functions, e.g. panic, medical, any 2 of the panel’s 8 groups of relays, instant or Home Automation & X-10 Remote Control. Visual indicator confirms transmission or low battery. Audible panel “chirp(s)” on arm/disarm. Low battery also displayed at keypad.

Waterproof, worry-free convenience in a portable wireless panic device with detachable chain and key ring supplied. One-button operation with tactile-feedback “click” response. LED lights on transmission. Extra-large, “soft-touch” button for trouble-free use by mobility and sight-impaired consumers.

The latest technology in 2-way voice with easy-connect, all-in-one siren/mic/speaker. Napco introduces advanced 2-way voice alarm verification technology in one complete, comprehensive system with easy wire connections that make installation a snap. Napco Veri-Phone and Veri-Speaker put the premises live online with the central station so alarms are verified and nuisance alarms eliminated -a great advance in security system performance and customer service.

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