GPS Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring

gpsIdeal for business or personal use

You can now track your mobile resources-or your mobile teenagers-with cutting-edge GPS technology through our UL listed monitoring service.

Once an account is set up, all that is required is a dealer-installed “beacon” under the dashboard and a computer with internet browsing capabilities. We here at Superior Security Systems can help you with each step of the process, and we will install the “beacon”.

The technology utilizes a robust cellular network to transmit data from the vehicle to the tracking system where it is stored. Users can obtain effective, virtually real-time vehicle location and mapping.

Subscribers can:

– View History
– Track in Real-time
– Supervise Behavior

View History

Need to know where they’ve been? Data is periodically stored in a history file which includes details such as location and vehicle speed. One year’s worth of data is accessible to the end-user and archived data is available.


Users can set up supervision parameters and can receive cell phone text messages, email, or dispatcher-handled notifications when violations occur.

Vehicle Speed:

Concerned about safety? Limits can be established that will generate alerts if violated.


Want to know if a truck is being moved at 3 a.m. on a Sunday morning? Rules can be established to include areas that vehicle can or cannot access, and can be combined with time parameters.

Live Tracking

Need to find them right now? The user can locate a particular vehicle at any time. Beyond that, they can choose to track the vehicle “live” through a program that updates the location in approximately 15-second intervals, showing the progress of the vehicle.